On Thursday, October 24th, I went with my TALONS class, ¬†went Downtown to visit the Vancouver Central Library and MacLeod’s Books Store.

During this trip, I was looking for some books about Muhammad Ali, Library_1and some inspiration for the perspective my speech would be presented from.

Exploring MacLeod’s Books was one of the coolest parts of the trip, because I have never so many books, in such a small space. Even with the abundant amount of books, the store was very well organized.

While finding different books at the Library and the bookstore, I was inspired with many possibilities from who or what my perspective will be from. I was very happy that I managed to find a variety of books about Muhammad Ali, and I think these books will help me a lot in getting a better understanding of Ali and inspire some new perspectives for my speech.

Overall, I would think characterize the trip as Exploration, because I spent the most time exploring both the huge Library and the small bookstore. There are so many interesting books that I saw, and I will remember this as a really fun experience.