The interviews did not go according to my plan. After 15 emails to various authors, professors, magazines, newspapers, and relatives that knew about Muhmamad Ali, only three people have responded.

The first response was from Dr. Krause, the professor at UBC on African-American history. Unfortunately, with mid-term essays, he was too busy to do an interview.

The second response I revceived, was from Dr. Benjamin Harrison, from the University of Kentucky. His response was,

“I would be glad to try to answer your questions on Ali.”

After I sent him the questions via email two weeks ago, I haven’t received a response yet.

The final response was from Tammy Theis, the administrator from the department of History at Simon Fraser University. She responded with,

“Dear Eric,

I’ve forwarded your email to one of our historians here in the History department.”

And with my luck, I have to yet to receive an email from this historian. *cries*

I honestly don’t know who I should ask next.¬†One person I would of really liked to interview is Thomas Hauser, the author of Muhammad Ali: Life and Times. I found his book very intriguing and informative, but I could not find a way to contact him.

Next year, I will make sure I ask for interviews sooner, and hopefully I will be luckier.