The materials I used during the Eminent Person Project:

“Muhammad Ali: Life and Times”,by Thomas Hauser

This biography on Muhammad Ali gave me a load of personal information, from multiple different perspectives, including his family, closest friends, and Muhammad Ali himself.

“King of the World”, by David Remnick

A book I found at Macleod’s Bookstore, was very specific. It helped me find a lot of small details, all around his boxing match against Sonny Liston. This was most helpful preparing for my speech, because my speech was around that moment.

I used Wikipedia as a starting point, getting some basic information about him, like his place of birth, birthday, and statistics.

A website, dedicated to Muhammad Ali, also introduced me into my Eminent Person. It had an interactive timeline, showing all of his most important boxing matches. It also had a eye-catching gallery of photos of Muhammad Ali. I got a few of my photos for my learning centre from this website.

Google Images

For my learning centre, I used a lot of photos, and most of them were found off Google Images. I guess that should be in my Bibliography.