I am very reluctant to have found a mentor, and on Sunday, I got to meet up with my mentor, Brad Abram. I was introduced to Brad by my soccer coach, after I asked my team if anyone could teach me to skateboard. Brad learned how to skateboard when he was a teenager, by his father, so he definitely has plenty on experience. He also has background in coaching his son’s baseball and soccer teams, so he will also have experience in coaching. On Sunday, I met up with Brad at the skate park at Town Centre, where he *tried* to teach me the basics of skateboarding. It was pretty hard to even balance on my reasonably loose skateboard, but it allowed me to learn how to stop and turn easier. Although the first day was cut short due to his other commitements, I at least gained some knowledge about how to turn, stop, and glide on skateboard. The first step is always the hardest…right?