It’s been a while since my last blog post, and its definitely been hard to keep up with my skateboarding lessons. With the poor weather, and both Brad and I being busy, its been a challenge to find times to go to the Town centre skate park. Anyways, I’ve still been watching videos, and practising either at the skate park, or on the street. My skateboard has been a bit faulty, but Brad said I just have to replacing the pivot cup(s), and loosening the trucks.

One thing I’ve learned to do while practising on the street was picking up speed. Making sure my body is low, and that my front foot is facing forwards. At this point, it has become easy to manual, stop, glide, and all the basic stuff. I think I may need a more dedicated skateboarder to teach me how to do tricks, but for now, my goal is to completely get all the basics down with speed, and try to get off the ground.

The most difficult part between Brad and I has defenitely been scheduling and weather. It’s been hard to plan out days, and actually have him teach me. It’s usually been him teaching me for a few hours, and for the week, I’d practice those skills. This is partly my fault, and I never realised how crazy busy it gets around this time, and I have to work it around his schedule.

One thing that has been going well, is that I have been learning, and progressing at a moderate difficulty. This may be because I haven’t gotten into the tricks yet, but it is still a positive.

Again, the scheduling could work better, and I can plan out a set date. I will make backup plans in case we can’t meet up, like he can give me tips so I can practice on my own, and I can also get instructions for other mentors.