Eric J

French Resolution

The revolution has slowly dwindled down to an end. Years before this revolution, my fellow philosophers and I imagined a society, without hierachy. A society free from suppression, where all humans can be equal, and live knowing that they are not above nor below anyone else. Unfortunately, it was years after my death when the revolution started rolling. To me, the revolution truly ended during the Thermidorian Reaction, with the.. Read More

From Beyond the Grave: Rousseau

It has been very entertaining ¬†watching ¬†all these events occur from the heavens. I’m glad these revolutionaries have run with my philosophies, and finally abolishing that dreadful monarchy. Why did they have to wait after my death to start revolting? Is it so much to ask for a revolution within my lifetime? Even though the government has agreed to a constitutional monarchy, this is not where we stop. We have.. Read More

In Depth – 04/16/14

With In-Depth coming to an end in a month, it feels very nice looking back to January. While I may have not mastered skateboarding, I feel like I have improved a lot, factoring that until January, I’ve never touched a skateboard in my life. Although it is April, there is always still improvement for me, especially in the tricks department. At the beginning of this project, one of my goals.. Read More

State of Nature – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

For so long, I have wondered why we live in such a society, where the wealthy continue to horde the food that is meant for all. It was when I found Thomas Hobbes’s works, discrediting the ideas of the state of nature, claiming “state of nature . . . has no idea of goodness he must be naturally wicked; that he is vicious because he does not know virtue” But,.. Read More

In Depth Post – 04/06/14

Skateboarding has been a lot of fun, and I feel I’ve improved a lot over these few weeks. Of course, finding a suitable mentor with time to mentor me, has always been a struggle. However, getting help from other sources, has helped me improve, when I couldn’t meet my mentor. Kyler, another student in the TALONS class, and a friend of mine, has been very generous to spend some time.. Read More