Skateboarding has been a lot of fun, and I feel I’ve improved a lot over these few weeks.

Of course, finding a suitable mentor with time to mentor me, has always been a struggle. However, getting help from other sources, has helped me improve, when I couldn’t meet my mentor. Kyler, another student in the TALONS class, and a friend of mine, has been very generous to spend some time skateboarding with me, and giving me pointers on how to improve.

During spring break, we used his Go Pro camera to shoot us skateboarding, and it was a lot of fun. Finding time for mentors has only becoming harder as our whole family has become a lot busier, and Kyler has been a big help in improving my skills.

Link to Video


1. Kyler has shown me a lot of different styles of skateboarding, as well as introducing me to some large annual skateboarding events that happen in Downtown Vancouver. He has also introduced me to other skateboarding friends of his, and I hope that one of them can help mentor me, if they aren’t busy.

2. There are always new people I can meet, who can show new tips and tricks, but there also skateboarding events that I believe I can learn a lot from. The only thing is, the annual skateboarding day is in the summer.

3.  I don’t think I’ve seen many opportunities where I can accelerate my skateboarding, other than days where I just practice the skills and fundamentals. I don’t think a certain event, or one day can vastly improve my skills, instead it will be practice on a regular basis, and trying new things.

4. We can talk about anything, whether it be about school, music, or whatever we’re feeling. We don’t necessarily stay on a certain subject.

5. One reason I find Kyler’s mentoring more helpful, is that I am more of a visual learner. I like things being seen done, and then I will try to do that myself. The thing with Brad was, that I’d only see him every two weeks, and for two weeks, I would only have my memory and my mental notes, and sometimes I may forget. It’s a lot harder when I have to go two weeks straight by myself.

Kyler is a lot more available, which really helps because I can regularly see him, and check with him, if I am doing it right, and just more frequent lessons helps more.

6. I would think that being friends in class, we would know a lot about each other, but spending time 1-on-1 with him, it’s really nice getting to know more about his hobbies, what music he likes, and passions. One thing very interesting I learned was that he loves making videos, and especially acting and editing.