With In-Depth coming to an end in a month, it feels very nice looking back to January. While I may have not mastered skateboarding, I feel like I have improved a lot, factoring that until January, I’ve never touched a skateboard in my life.

Although it is April, there is always still improvement for me, especially in the tricks department. At the beginning of this project, one of my goals was to be able to some cool tricks to show to my friends. In this last month, with the help of my mentors, Kyler and Colton, I hope to perfect the ollie. It will definitely be hard to finish in a month, seeing as Colton, took around 2-3 months to master his first ollie in his experience.  For this month, I will strive to improve my tricks, and just see what I can do.


Colton Legree, Mentor