The revolution has slowly dwindled down to an end. Years before this revolution, my fellow philosophers and I imagined a society, without hierachy. A society free from suppression, where all humans can be equal, and live knowing that they are not above nor below anyone else. Unfortunately, it was years after my death when the revolution started rolling.

To me, the revolution truly ended during the Thermidorian Reaction, with the execution of Robspierre’s death. Without his reign of terror, a great door opened up. An opportunity to create the Republic that France and I have fought for, and in 1795, the first Constitutional republic of France was created. I can only see society improving in the future.

Viewing at this in 1796, not only will the revolution prevent a monarchy from forming anytime soon, but it will also show the people of France, that they have the same rights to land and food as the next person.

And what will I be remembered for? I was not physically part of the revolution, but I believe that my philosophies of the state of nature will be remembered as the spark that inspired the revolutionaries to revolt, or at least I’d like to think that I contributed to this incredibly huge event in history.