Eric J

Eminent Speech

Hey everyone, I know eminent is appraoching, and I’ve finished a version of my speech, which I’m comfortable sharing. Please take a quick read, and any feedback is appreciated, even if it’s just about one line or phrase. =============================================================================================== I really thought yesterday, was the day. The start of a revolution, and the beginning to a new China. A better one with democracy, and freedom of speech, where can people.. Read More

SFU Library!

On October 30th, the Talons went on a trip to Simon Fraser University. The agenda included a visit to the┬ámuseum of of Archaeology and Ethnology, a tour of the campus, time at the library, and arguably the best part, a delicious Indian lunch. Coming to SFU, I really didn’t expect to find a lot of information about my eminent person, since there isn’t even that much concrete data available. However,.. Read More