On October 30th, the Talons went on a trip to Simon Fraser University. The agenda included a visit to the museum of of Archaeology and Ethnology, a tour of the campus, time at the library, and arguably the best part, a delicious Indian lunch.

Coming to SFU, I really didn’t expect to find a lot of information about my eminent person, since there isn’t even that much concrete data available. However, I did try to find any books about the Tienanmen Protests.  Mostly on this trip, my main plans were to get a chance to bond with afternoon Talons (since there wasn’t much interaction between us yet), and experience what it’s like to be on a university campus.

The main theme across the trip was in my opinion, exploration. For many of us, this was our first time really getting to explore the SFU campus on a tour, and really take in all of the things that go in the busy building. On top of that, I’m fairly sure most of us have never been to a library, that large and sophisticated. Overall, We learned so much, and everyone got to explore something new that day.

As we arrived, the first part of the day was spent at the museum. The museum had some really interesting artefacts. Some of the small animals, caught my attention, and some of the aboriginal art was very fascinating. Most of my time there was spent watching a video about whales on a television screen.


Exploring SFU was one of the most intriguing parts of my day. The first thing we did, was our urban solo, where we sat down in one location, and spent some time, watching, seeing, and even smelling all the stuff going around us. It was really interesting to see so many people, just rushing to get their destination, coffee in hand. Sometimes, I could hear peoples’ conversations, or pick up a faint smell of pastries, as they walked by. After the urban solo, I started to look more closer in the architecture put into SFU. The concrete buildings looked very fascinating, and the design of the ceilings were really cool.


After our delicious lunch at the Indian restaurant (I forgot the name), we received a very interesting, and informative tour from two of Jamie’s sisters, Zoe and Katie. They talked about some of the history behind some of the structures, and what certain things were meant for. After their tour, we met up at the library

The library was extremely large, and tight on space. The first bit of time I spent running around looking for books about the Tienanmen protests, but the majority of time was spent discussing with others. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a place to talk in a jam-packed library, with people studying in every stall. It’s like they don’t want people to talk in there. But being the gracious person I am, I made sure we weren’t distracting or disturbing any other people.


If I’m going to take something from this trip other than the awesome experiences, is that I’m going to need to use other sources to find the information I need, to create a compelling, accurate speech and learning centre. It dawned on me if a huge library doesn’t have much, then I’ll have to use other sources (probably interviews). After this library trip, I will be focusing on preparing interview questions, and planning out my learning centre.


Who doesn’t love ping pong?