Hey everyone, I know eminent is appraoching, and I’ve finished a version of my speech, which I’m comfortable sharing. Please take a quick read, and any feedback is appreciated, even if it’s just about one line or phrase.


I really thought yesterday, was the day. The start of a revolution, and the beginning to a new China. A better one with democracy, and freedom of speech, where can people say what they want without worrying. But just, as the movement for freedom was peaking, everything went to hell.

I still remember so vividly two nights ago, the military approaching and the bloodshed that soon followed. I remember running away from the incoming tanks, hoping it wasn’t me who was shot, and I’ll never forget the countless bodies that fell to the ground beside me.

Now everything has died down. No more protests, no more strikes, no more people in the streets. I’m going to visit the hospital today. I want to make a meal for my injured friend. Shot in the shoulder, and again in the leg. The doctor said he was a lucky one.

Just look at those tanks now, patrolling through our streets. Those are OUR nation’s tanks, that put bullets in the back of our own citizens. This is how the government tells us they’ve won. That they are the ones in control.

Everyone is so scared, too frightened to move. but Someone has to stand up for this oppression

Someone has to tell these armoured vehicles that they do not belong here

Someone has to.

And if THIS is how I go out,.. then at least I’ll know I went out fighting for what I  believed.

*Takes deep breath*

Stop! Stop the tanks! *Runs off stage*