Eric J


For any people who wish to learn more about the Tank Man, and the events that happened at Tienanmen Square, here is an annotated BiBlography, to help you with your research. Here are the materials I found most helpful. Tank Man Documentary by Antony Thomas – Really informative documentary, lots of information about the Tienanmen Square Protests, and the tank man, and the situations leading up to it. Includes lots of interviewees within,.. Read More

Look Back on Eminent Night

Finally, Night of the Notable IS OVER!!!! No more worrying about messing up on stage, no more worries about preparing my costume, and no more long, painful, nights of finishing my learning centre. It’s been a few days after the Night, and I can finally reflect on this day with a well-rested brain. I can’t think of anything bad that happened over this whole project, and specifically on the big night… Read More


I knew for my eminent person this year, finding an expert on him would be somewhat challenging. This year, to look for an interview, I tried to aim high. There was probably a good chance I wouldn’t even get a response, but hey, if I knew if I got an interview with a journalist, who was there during Tank man’s moment, then I would get a really good understanding about.. Read More