For any people who wish to learn more about the Tank Man, and the events that happened at Tienanmen Square, here is an annotated BiBlography, to help you with your research. Here are the materials I found most helpful.

Tank Man Documentary by Antony Thomas – Really informative documentary, lots of information about the Tienanmen Square Protests, and the tank man, and the situations leading up to it. Includes lots of interviewees within, who were there during the event. Also talks about China as a country before, and after the protests.

Timeline of the Tiaenanmen Square Protests – Pretty useful to figure out specific dates, events go more in depth in the documentary.

Tiananmen Square: What happened to Tank Man  – The Independant – A small article, which discusses the possible fates of Tank Man,

Behind the Scenes: Tank Man of Tienanmen – An article which tells the stories of how the infamous picture of tank man escaped China, and shows how strict/watchful the Chinese police are.

Wikipedia: Tienanmen Square Protests of 1989 – Overall Summary and details of all the events that occurred in the protests, Lots of specific names and dates

Wikipedia: Tank Man – Basic information on the Tank Man

Video: Tank Man – Youtube video, raw video of the tank man incident, from him stepping in front all the way to him getting dragged off, includes raw audio.

Hope this helped, feel free to comment any other useful sources.