Hello all, who are interested in what I will be learning over the next few months.

Acoustic Guitar

My in-depth project this year is learning the acoustic guitar. Now, to some people this may seem really easy or basic, but having almost zero experience with guitar, it’s definitely not going to be a walk in the park. Either way, I am very excited, and already looking forward to this In-Depth project.

Why guitar? I don’t really have a driving passion for music, or an aspiring life goal to join the music industry, but playing a instrument was a personal skill I just really wanted to have, so I chose the guitar. The guitar doesn’t look too difficult for a beginner, unlike more complicated ones (bagpipes, trombone). I do love music in general, so that is also a plus.

Some more great news is that I already have multiple possible mentors who are interested in teaching me guitar. One being Dennis Kim, a grade 12 student here at Gleneagle (whom I’ve recently learned actually mentored someone for an in-depth project before), and another person being Paul Hendriks, Lyle’s father. I’ve rarely met or talked to these two, so I will be looking forward to not only learn guitar, but also get to know new people.

As of right now, I can’t really think of any needs at the top of my head. Obviously I will run into some as the project moves on, but for now, everything seems set to run smoothly. Can’t say too much without having started yet.

I have a rough idea of a timeline figured out, but of course, plans can change. But for now, the goal is to get all the basics of guitar (technique, positioning, chords), while also learning 6-7 songs down in 1-2 months (around February-March). When I feel I am comfortable to move on, I would really like to try to learn finger picking from March to May, and if all goes well I will have a final song chosen ready to perform on the in-depth night

I have a few questions I want to answer for this in depth project.

1. What are the necessary skills needed to effectively play acoustic guitar?

2. How is learning how to play the guitar (or other instruments) beneficial to other aspects of life?

3. How does finger picking differ with chords?

4. Is learning finger picking in this time span a reasonable expectation?

Everything looks good to go…now all I have to do is buy (or borrow *nudge*) a guitar…