After our discussions in class today, our class was introduced to the 360° leader, and from this, are some answers I have come up with.

Firstly, some people may think that without the highest title, or position, they can not get results, nor help their peers be more productive. I think that this is completely false, because really, your ability to help others, usually does not depend on your rank, or title. There may be certain situations where, this may not be the case, but overall, there is always beneficial things you can do to your committee/ organization, which in turn, leads to results.

Secondly, there are many ways to develop leadership skills right now. As mentioned in the book, leadership is about influence, and I think the first step is becoming a leader among your peers. Leading peers can be in school during projects, or discussions. It can also be in the workplace with fellow co-workers.

About influence, a person’s level of influence is determined by a number of factors. The lowest being a title of seniority (entitled to be a leader), but influence can come with personal relationships, favors, results, and personhood (what you stand for as a person).

Most of time, not everyone will agree, and people are entitled to their own opinion. What really prompts me to listen to someone else’s opinion, is if it is different than mine. Instantly, I am more intrigued, and wonder why they are wrong. :) Jokes aside, contradictory discussions are much more fascinating than, “I agree.”

In an organization, it is evident that as you climb the corporate ladder, the responsibilities of that position increases. It may seem like the top is all daisies where you can do nothing and make money, but in reality, you are not responsible for your work, but hundreds and thousands of other employees, and ultimately the company itself. You are now supervising a large number of employees, and to make sure everyone is on duty, and getting things done is much more work than just a simple employee.

According to Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I would have to disagree with this statement. A lot of times, in an organization some people are more critical to the company than others. In most jobs, regular employees are limited in their position. They are hired to do their job. I also don’t think people should feel inferior because of their position. Like an engine, I think everyone in a company is needed to do their part to keep it going. Not everyone can be CEOs or supervisors.

Going off of the idea of becoming CEO, it is true. The role of CEO is not for everyone, and of course there are very few positions available. Does that mean throw in the towel and stop leading altogether? No. Does that mean stop at nothing, scratch, fight, and die to get this spot? No. I believe just keep doing what you are doing now, and slowly improve your leadership, and influence among others. Mr. Jackson has brought up this point many times, that whoever wants to be president, shouldn’t be president, and the person who doesn’t, should. This philosophy can be applied here, meaning if you are a strong enough leader to become the CEO, then fellow workmates, bosses, and others will recognize that and you will start climbing. If not, a middle level job is definitely not bad, and many are content to stay there.