Leaders, especially those within the middle of the pack can face some tough challenges and problems.

Tension is something almost every one of us has faced, and each person deals with it a different way. When I am stressed out, I like to just lie down and slow my breathing, then just take a few minutes to listen to some music. If that doesn’t work, playing basketball or soccer lets me relax.

I’ve been frustrated before by ineffective leaders, and I am sure others have been too. To become a 360° leader, one must add value when dealing with this. Meaning, don’t try to change the leader, but change your attitude. Also, find where the leader excels, in and offer help to compliment his weaknesses.

Like everyone else, I have multiple “hats” that I have to wear in different situations. At school, or if I’m with friends, I’ll where the casual hat (or no hat depending on how you see it). At home, it is the “little brother” hat, where I am the youngest, and therefore I do as I’m told. During sports, the “teammate/player” hat is worn, where I have to make sure that I’m focused on the sport at hand.

When we work in committees or quads, I think of it as a group effort, so when it comes to someone taking credit, I don’t really mind because I at least know that we (or I) contributed in that idea, much like the beaver to the rabbit about the dam. That doesn’t mean that people would do that, since most of the time, the people in our quad, and for that matter the class, is very honest. I don’t think I’ve seen fully take credit for someone else’s work before.

When thinking of team wins, I automatically think of soccer, and how important teamwork is. Now, many of us, being the modest people we are, would probably say, “I don’t care about the individual recognition. It’s about the team.” On the other hand, I think team success is just as important as individual recognition. For example, if my soccer team won a game, it is very rewarding to hear of our own contributions to the match. It makes the individual that they contributed to the win, making a difference, and also that their team just didn’t do all the work for them.

In terms vision, everyone wants to fulfill theirs, but I think helping others, especially close friends fulfill theirs is just as, or even better than fulfilling your own dreams. Who is happy after you finish your goal? You. But if you help someone else, not only do you get to see the smile on their face after they have completed their goal, but you also share the happiness knowing that you were a reason that dream was possible. Plus, I would be the guy who helped everyone else reach their vision, than the guy who stepped on everyone else to reach theirs.

Letting people on my team know that I care for them, is pretty evident. I think that actions are louder than words, meaning when people really care about it, they will take action, fulfill spots, and step up. In sports, players who care will step up and perform during games. That shows they care. Anyone can say “Ya I care,” but if they can’t prove it, or they won’t show it, then it isn’t worth anything. I believe this is a step in earning trust. Showing you care, by stepping up and taking action.