I look around at everyone’s blogs and see all the progress people have already made, and I’m stuck here because of Google Maps and cancellations. It really is unfortunate. I was planning to meet my mentor last Sunday, but Maps sent me to the wrong address, then this Sunday my mentor cancelled last minute… yeah. One thing I hope is that my mistakes with the Google Maps, cancelling our first lesson will set us off on the wrong foot. No worries though, this just gives me time by myself to practice a little before meeting my mentor. It really helps that guitar is so easy to just start playing anytime.

Thanks to some web searching, I found this very, very useful website called Justin Guitar. It has really helped to learn really beginner things, like proper forms, how to tune, strum, hold the guitar, and lots of short, but nonetheless important things. Not good to develop bad habits.

This week, I have learned the D chord, A chord, G chord, C chord, and E chord. I plan to learn more once my mentor and I have met, but at least now I won’t go in empty handed and unprepared. Also, when meeting face-to-face, it will definitely be first priority to address the commitment needed from the both of us, and  address our own responsibilities as mentor, and mentee.

I feel strongly that I can, and will learn a lot from this mentor. From his videos on Facebook, and Youtube, it is clear how skilled he is at the guitar, much more advanced than the basic “chord and strum” style. Watching the music he creates is very interesting to say the least, and I look forward to meeting him.