Eric J

Socials – A Shift in Culture

A quote from “Canadian Heritage Gallery” “eastern British North America had entered a new era in 1815, with the ending of the Napoleonic and American wars. It was an era to be marked by surging British immigration, commercial and agricultural expansion and political strife, as rising reform movements came up against entrenched colonial elites.” Going off my first document of learning, talking about shifts in culture, one of the biggest.. Read More

Socials – A technological future

Where have we been? A very broad question, indeed. We, as humans have been through a lot, experience-wise. As a society, and a civilization. We have gone from through many eras, and times, such as, the Paleolithic era, the middle ages, the Renaissance, and this age of technology. Humans have constantly adapted to this growing world, and have experienced many shifts in culture, civilization, government, and much more. Where are.. Read More

In Depth 2015 – 2/20/15 – Guitar is Fun.

Hello all, Last Sunday, after some trouble scheduling, I got to meet with my mentor Paul Hendriks. It was really a great learning opportunity getting to learn from such an experienced guitar player. He has taught me some basic chord progressions, and also some really interesting chords, that can’t really be described by word (sound wise). As of now, I have been practicing a lot to learn my first song,.. Read More