To my dear sister Susan,

It’s been a long time since we have met. Oh, how I miss you and mother. The last ten years have been rough, but thing are looking up.

I’ve been pursuing law for some time, even after father’s death. 10 years of practacing law and I have realized there is no future for me in Jamaica. But don’t worry. A future in our hometown may be over, but there is a quickly growing future in Canada. Thanks to a man named James Patton, I’ve been able to work at this law firm and make myself a member of¬†Upper Canada.¬†

Canada may be new, but a new future is the eminent. According to my comrades, Talk of a new country has been wafting around. This man, John A. MacDonald, knows what he’s doing, and the confederation is imminent.

Now, I ask for you and mother and to come with me, to start our new life here in Canada.