Eric J

The Scars of Schooling

In the Talons Socials class, we have been moving into a new PLO focused on the interactions between the aboriginal people and the European explorers in Canada. A very interesting and surprising subject in Canada’s history. From our discussions and readings in class, I think got a very general idea of some of the different events that occurred, such as the Indian Act, residential schools, and the numbered treaties. I haven’t really dived.. Read More

The Last 100 Meters – In Depth Post #7

If In Depth was a marathon, then I would be at that last 100 meters. I say to myself that the night is in 18 days, and that’s really soon, but I don’t think I’ve fully realized how quickly that day is going to come. I think back to when I started and I couldn’t even get the F chord down, and to think I have to play in front of a.. Read More