In the Talons Socials class, we have been moving into a new PLO focused on the interactions between the aboriginal people and the European explorers in Canada. A very interesting and surprising subject in Canada’s history.

From our discussions and readings in class, I think got a very general idea of some of the different events that occurred, such as the Indian Act, residential schools, and the numbered treaties. I haven’t really dived deep into any particular region yet. It’s like I just grazed the frosting on top and haven’t gone too deep into the cake itself. In terms of information, I feel a little embarrassed and silly about how much I didn’t know up to this point. I knew that Canada just took the land, but I have never heard of any of the things that happened to the aboriginal people. I get the sense that I should of known what this was. I guess I was being naive when I thought Canada was always a kind and polite country, never doing anything wrong. It’s funny in a way, how all the negative things Canadians did weren’t discussed in elementary and middle school. I remember we learned about the daily aboriginal life before by visiting museums and with guest speakers. We made cedar bracelets, and little blankets, but we never talked about the Indian Act, residential schools, the loss of bison, and their land being stripped from them.

This kind of segways into what I’m really looking forward to learn about. This part of aboriginal history is a part I didn’t know EXISTED until Mr. Jackson gave us a very depressing article to read first thing on a Monday morning. Based off of what I know, I think residential schools were way too awful to just breeze by and forget about. Just thinking, those were kids my age and younger. I couldn’t even imagine what they went through every single day. There is so much I want to learn about this. How were aboriginal children and teenagers treated after residential school? What took so long to put an end to this? Exactly how poorly were children treated? How has this affected First Nations people today? How much of the aboriginal’s culture was lost? Why did British Columbia all of a sudden not acknowledge the aboriginals’ land? Who’s fault is all this?

These are some big questions, and for some of these, there probably isn’t an answer for them. However, I’m really interested in learning about what when on in these schools. Through this research, I will cover some other PLO’s like A1, A2, A3, C1, and D1