We’ve all faced the struggle of whether to buy an app or not. Only 99 cents, but we still sleep on it sometimes, before making up our minds. Now imagine, you are no one other than Stephen Harper himself. With a budget meant to take care of 35 million citizens, you must have a pretty fat wallet. Recently on The National Post, Christine Brousseau, released a very informational and simple breakdown of where our money will be going. After the recent events between Canada and Syria, it is not a surprise that the biggest portion of our budget is a whopping 1.3 billion dollars on national defense in a year.  There are some other shocking numbers, such as 7.5 million dollars solely into Harper’s election campaign. Those must be some pretty expensive “Vote Harper” buttons.  Now if you get past that, there is money set out for education for Aboriginals, but no care is ever shown. An article from The National Post by Stephen Maher talks about how,

“[The Harper Government] refuses to set up a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women, both because it would cost money and would shift the national media spotlight onto the problem, putting pressure on it to take action, which is what it says it wants to do, but which it does not want to do.”

Helping, acknowledging, and empathizing for these murdered aboriginal women are things a Prime Minister can easily do with his pocket change. It goes to show a problem this terrible is not even worth Harper’s 99 cents.