When looking at narratives, I think the role thay the government plays is important.Socially, I would put myself pretty left wing, because I believe that government leadership in running a country is definitely needed. Although  the conservatives provides a good argument for personal responsibility, the problem I see is that it doesn’t help the ones who really need it. The idea of “survival of the fittest”, really only benefits the small amount of people that are already well off, while ignoring the vast number of people who could use help. I think the governments role is to help and support every citizen of Canada. Coming from  my middle class perspective, the dream would be a government that has set values and goals to help every Canadian, and then following through with their promises.

Looking at the different parties, I would say the Tom Mulcair and the NDP have the best plan for our government. They  seem very set on their goals, and helping the middle class through affordable child care, higher minimum wage, and tax cuts for working families. Also , their campaign and ads really give off the message of, “we want to help make Canada better ” instead of, “Don’t vote for those other guys look how bad they are”. Out of the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP, the NDP were the only ones to really promote themselves instead of trying to attack the others.

I obviously don’t agree too much with the Conservatives’ methods, however I am also not a big fan of the Liberal party, even though they are similar to the NDP. The biggest thing I think the Liberals have to deal with, is building trust and setting their values. Right now, they appear as the middle guy, doing anything to get votes. The Liberals bend way to much to appeal to everyone, and end up swallowing more than they could chew. I feel their campaign is more of the “Anti-Harper” campaign than a Liberals campaign.