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Eric Jang- DOL1

The first two weeks of philosophy has been quite interesting. This class is unique from any other class in how it is run, and it is an refreshing change from the “teacher gives notes and student studies them” approach. So far we have looked into several topics, including the purpose of education, what it means to love wisdom, and the importance of conversation in philosophy. These topics have generated more questions than answers,.. Read More

Importance of Goverment

When looking at narratives, I think the role thay the government plays is important.Socially, I would put myself pretty left wing, because I believe that government leadership in running a country is definitely needed. Although  the conservatives provides a good argument for personal responsibility, the problem I see is that it doesn’t help the ones who really need it. The idea of “survival of the fittest”, really only benefits the.. Read More

Comic : Harper’s Struggles

                          We’ve all faced the struggle of whether to buy an app or not. Only 99 cents, but we still sleep on it sometimes, before making up our minds. Now imagine, you are no one other than Stephen Harper himself. With a budget meant to take care of 35 million citizens, you must have a pretty fat wallet… Read More

The Scars of Schooling

In the Talons Socials class, we have been moving into a new PLO focused on the interactions between the aboriginal people and the European explorers in Canada. A very interesting and surprising subject in Canada’s history. From our discussions and readings in class, I think got a very general idea of some of the different events that occurred, such as the Indian Act, residential schools, and the numbered treaties. I haven’t really dived.. Read More

The Last 100 Meters – In Depth Post #7

If In Depth was a marathon, then I would be at that last 100 meters. I say to myself that the night is in 18 days, and that’s really soon, but I don’t think I’ve fully realized how quickly that day is going to come. I think back to when I started and I couldn’t even get the F chord down, and to think I have to play in front of a.. Read More

The Legacy of Bernard

On the 10th of April, the humble Hewitt Bernard gave a short speech (rant) to his fellow confederation colleagues. A touching speech, really. ” I guess I failed my paternity test, because apparently I’m not a father. Of course, the kind of father I wanted to be, was one of confederation. Was that so much to ask for? I was a true supporter of confederation from the start, and seeing.. Read More

Dear Susan,

To my dear sister Susan, It’s been a long time since we have met. Oh, how I miss you and mother. The last ten years have been rough, but thing are looking up. I’ve been pursuing law for some time, even after father’s death. 10 years of practacing law and I have realized there is no future for me in Jamaica. But don’t worry. A future in our hometown may.. Read More

A Range of Songs -In Depth Post 5 & 6

Some definite progress since my last blog post. Since then, I have been able to meet with my mentor during the last weekend of spring break, as well as today. At this point, I have been doing quite well with a lot of the open string chords, such as C, G, D, A, Em, and a lot more. Now as we move on to new songs, with new chord progressions,.. Read More

Keeping it Sweet and Simple

Time feels like it moves so slow. Just another 15 year old boy in England. It will be fine. Just a few more years of studying and I can go back to Jamaica. The real question is, what do I do from there? I know dad has not been feeling the best, and he’s been very ill lately. Is it time to live that simple life of running the sugar plant? But.. Read More