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Socials – A Shift in Culture

A quote from “Canadian Heritage Gallery” “eastern British North America had entered a new era in 1815, with the ending of the Napoleonic and American wars. It was an era to be marked by surging British immigration, commercial and agricultural expansion and political strife, as rising reform movements came up against entrenched colonial elites.” Going off my first document of learning, talking about shifts in culture, one of the biggest.. Read More

Socials – A technological future

Where have we been? A very broad question, indeed. We, as humans have been through a lot, experience-wise. As a society, and a civilization. We have gone from through many eras, and times, such as, the Paleolithic era, the middle ages, the Renaissance, and this age of technology. Humans have constantly adapted to this growing world, and have experienced many shifts in culture, civilization, government, and much more. Where are.. Read More

In Depth 2015 – 2/20/15 – Guitar is Fun.

Hello all, Last Sunday, after some trouble scheduling, I got to meet with my mentor Paul Hendriks. It was really a great learning opportunity getting to learn from such an experienced guitar player. He has taught me some basic chord progressions, and also some really interesting chords, that can’t really be described by word (sound wise). As of now, I have been practicing a lot to learn my first song,.. Read More

In Depth 2015 – 1/25/2015 – Slow Start

I look around at everyone’s blogs and see all the progress people have already made, and I’m stuck here because of Google Maps and cancellations. It really is unfortunate. I was planning to meet my mentor last Sunday, but Maps sent me to the wrong address, then this Sunday my mentor cancelled last minute… yeah. One thing I hope is that my mistakes with the Google Maps, cancelling our first lesson will.. Read More

Challenges faced by 360° Leaders

Leaders, especially those within the middle of the pack can face some tough challenges and problems. Tension is something almost every one of us has faced, and each person deals with it a different way. When I am stressed out, I like to just lie down and slow my breathing, then just take a few minutes to listen to some music. If that doesn’t work, playing basketball or soccer lets.. Read More

360° Leader: 7 Myths of Leadership

After our discussions in class today, our class was introduced to the 360° leader, and from this, are some answers I have come up with. Firstly, some people may think that without the highest title, or position, they can not get results, nor help their peers be more productive. I think that this is completely false, because really, your ability to help others, usually does not depend on your rank,.. Read More

i n d e p t h: Acoustic Guitar

Hello all, who are interested in what I will be learning over the next few months. My in-depth project this year is learning the acoustic guitar. Now, to some people this may seem really easy or basic, but having almost zero experience with guitar, it’s definitely not going to be a walk in the park. Either way, I am very excited, and already looking forward to this In-Depth project. Why.. Read More


For any people who wish to learn more about the Tank Man, and the events that happened at Tienanmen Square, here is an annotated BiBlography, to help you with your research. Here are the materials I found most helpful. Tank Man Documentary by Antony Thomas – Really informative documentary, lots of information about the Tienanmen Square Protests, and the tank man, and the situations leading up to it. Includes lots of interviewees within,.. Read More

Look Back on Eminent Night

Finally, Night of the Notable IS OVER!!!! No more worrying about messing up on stage, no more worries about preparing my costume, and no more long, painful, nights of finishing my learning centre. It’s been a few days after the Night, and I can finally reflect on this day with a well-rested brain. I can’t think of anything bad that happened over this whole project, and specifically on the big night… Read More


I knew for my eminent person this year, finding an expert on him would be somewhat challenging. This year, to look for an interview, I tried to aim high. There was probably a good chance I wouldn’t even get a response, but hey, if I knew if I got an interview with a journalist, who was there during Tank man’s moment, then I would get a really good understanding about.. Read More