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The materials I used during the Eminent Person Project: “Muhammad Ali: Life and Times”,by Thomas Hauser This biography on Muhammad Ali gave me a load of personal information, from multiple different perspectives, including his family, closest friends, and Muhammad Ali himself. “King of the World”, by David Remnick A book I found at Macleod’s Bookstore, was very specific. It helped me find a lot of small details, all around his.. Read More

Night of the Notables Reflection

I thought Night of the Notables was an amazing experience, which I will always remember. I think I did achieve my goal, which was to show what Muhammad Ali did other than boxing. I had a number of people stop by, and I was more than glad to have conversations with them. Most of them did not know Ali as more than a boxer, so teaching them about his contributions.. Read More

Finally a response!

Exactly one day after the Night of the Notables, I have gotten a response from Mr. Lee Keeling from the University of Louisville. He has kindly responded on the behalf of Dr. Benjamin Harrison, with an article Dr. Harrison wrote, about Muhammad Ali. It was very kind for him to write an article of him, but next year, I will try to get emails out earlier, so I may have.. Read More

Lack of Interviews

The interviews did not go according to my plan. After 15 emails to various authors, professors, magazines, newspapers, and relatives that knew about Muhmamad Ali, only three people have responded. The first response was from Dr. Krause, the professor at UBC on African-American history. Unfortunately, with mid-term essays, he was too busy to do an interview. The second response I revceived, was from Dr. Benjamin Harrison, from the University of.. Read More

Document of Learning

Here is my first draft of my speech.  My first draft was pretty long, so I had to work on shortening it. Enjoy!   It was a bright Sunday morning when my boss from The Sentinel rang me up to cover some guy named Cassius Marcellus Clay. I asked, “Who’s Cassius Clay?” “Just some amatuer boxer who talks a lot trash. It’ll make a good story.” The press conference wasn’t.. Read More

Eminent Downtown Experience

On Thursday, October 24th, I went with my TALONS class,  went Downtown to visit the Vancouver Central Library and MacLeod’s Books Store. During this trip, I was looking for some books about Muhammad Ali, and some inspiration for the perspective my speech would be presented from. Exploring MacLeod’s Books was one of the coolest parts of the trip, because I have never so many books, in such a small space… Read More

Eminent Person 2013- Introduction

For Eminent Person, I have chosen Muhammad Ali, nicknamed “The Greatest”, is known for his legendary boxing skills, but he was also a social activist and a strong leader. Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville Kentucky. Clay was first introduced to boxing when he was 12, by Joe E. Martin, a police officer and boxing coach, who advised him to box when Clay had.. Read More